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Médecine interne: libre accès
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ISSN: 2165-8048


Double Balloon Enteroscopy in Small Bowel Submucosal Tumor Diagnosis: A Short Narrative Review

Isaac Kumi Adu*, Haifeng Zhang

Recently, Double Balloon Enteroscopy (DBE) has become a routine procedure in clinical practice for evaluation of small bowel diseases. Various population studies of DBE have reported the indications, diagnostic yields, therapeutic value and complication rates for small bowel diseases. Compare to other endoscopic technology that allows for the visualization of the small intestine, DBE has the advantage of having diagnostic biopsy and therapeutic procedures carried out at the same time for small intestinal lesions. Although the small bowel is a rare site for neoplasia, accounting for a little over 3% of the tumors that arise in the digestive tract. Benign lesions in small bowels are precursors to malignant lesions. We aimed to review the diagnostic yield and safety of DBE in small bowel tumors.