Journal de signalisation cellulaire

Journal de signalisation cellulaire
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ISSN: 2576-1471


DNA Methylation Pattern and their Effect on Ageing

Haq SH

DNA methylation is one of the epigenetic modifications which have been implicated in cellular differentiation, aging, and diseases progression. In this commentary, we discussed the significant role of methylation pattern and imprinting in the cellular differentiation in light of the earlier published work. This is an attempt to highlight the importance of methylation factors in health and disease and explore the potential of various nutritional therapeutic agents directly affecting the methylation pattern of DNA. The role of external dietary chemical and environmental factors contributing towards the epigenetic imprinting has been suggested, but the exact molecular mechanisms through which these dietary and environmental agents mediate their action on genomic methylation pattern require future investigation. One of the possible mechanisms which warrant future investigation is to explore the signalling pathways, directly controlling the DNA methylation pattern through expression of DNMTS. In vitro studies on the impact of different therapeutic supplements on the epigenetics and DNA methylation would be useful in the prevention of age-related diseases.