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Revue des sciences politiques et des affaires publiques
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Diversity Democracy and Its Ideological Phases of Implementation

Meseret Bekele Gelaye

The article comes up with the three phases of political philosophy of diversity democracy and analyses well in solely way as an ideology to be implemented in sequence. For the foundation of the ideological aspect of diversity democracy with its own phases of implementation cultural relativism and different perspectives of cultural as if used as the underpinning and grounding keystone. As to such political ideology and philosophy of diversity democracy is founded in one hand and its phases of implementation as if well analyzed in this study. As to such the three phases of the political philosophy and ideology based foundation from cultural relativism, diversity democracy includes Politicorelativism, Neo Politicorelativism as well as Politicopositivism. Lastly, among the features of diversity democracy the one called Politicostainism also included in separate sub topic as a new perspective of such ideological aspect the stated political philosophy.