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Journal du génie chimique et de la technologie des procédés
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Digital innovations in preventative healthcare

David Wortley

COVID-19 has been a major driver for innovations in digital healthcare as countries across the globe seek to both reduce the risks in the delivery of healthcare services via innovations in telehealth and address the need for preventative healthcare. There are many examples of telehealth applications targeted at both patients and clinicians. These can include online consultations and triage as well as group meetings between specialists and practitioners in different locations. The presentation will show examples of these types of applications along with the outcomes and benefits for both patients, clinicians and public health services. As Vice President of the International Society for Digital Medicine, David Wortley FRSA has been sharing the expertise of global clinical innovators through regular webinars and online interviews as well as developing innovative demonstrators of the use of immersive technologies and VR for preventative healthcare. This presentation shares an example of an online Coronavirus quiz game for multiple languages. The coronavirus quiz has been designed to educate and influence citizens about the COVID-19 in an engaging and interactive way. The use of Gamification strategies combined with immersive technologies offers an important innovation which can have an impact on patient compliance and the behaviours which directly influence the lifestyle behaviours behind many of the causes of mortality today. Preventative healthcare not only includes technologies which help to prevent poor health and well-being but also a range of solutions for chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease where the focus is on good management of the medical conditions and mitigation of the impacts of these chronic conditions in terms of both cost and patient welfare. This can also include mental conditions ranging from dementia to anxiety, stress and phobias. The presentation will also show examples of these types of innovations which fall in the category of digital therapeutics.