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Diffusion Weighted MRI on Diagnosing Abdominal Ganglioneuroma Surrounding the Mesenteric Artery

Metin Demirkaya*,Erman Ataş,Vural Kesik,Murat Kocaoğlu

Ganglioneuroma arise from sympathetic ganglions and belongs to the group of neurogenic tumors including ganglioneuroblastoma and neuroblastoma. Ganglioneuroma can be considered a benign form of neuroblastic tumors, and is thought to be either a primary ganglioneuroma or follows a spontaneous or treatment-induced differentiation of neuroblastoma or ganglioneuroblastoma. Histopathology is the gold standard for diagnosis. Complete excision cannot always be done because of surgical complications. Therefore, imaging methods are required for distinguishing malignity and benignity. Benign and malign lesions such as ganglioneuroblastoma, neuroblastoma and ganglioneuroma have different ADC on diffusion weighted MRI. We report a 10-year-old-male with abdominal ganglioneuroma surrounding the superior mesenteric artery in which diffusion weighted MRI was used for diagnosis.