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Diagnosis of Human Coxsakievirus, Adenovirus and COVID-19 Virus Association Myocarditis by RT-PCR

Hawraa Dheyaa Rasool*, Fadyia Mahdi Muslim Alameedy, Dargham Bayan Mohsen Hammad

Human samples of human Coxsakievirus, Adenovirus and COVID-19 virus were collected during October, 1st, 2021 to 8 of December 2021. Human Coxsakievirus, Adenovirus and COVID-19 virus was including (1 month, 1-15 years). The RT-PCR method was detected of all samples, the results showed sixty eight (68%) while thirty two (32%) negative cases, sixty four (64%) while thirty six (36%) negative cases and twenty five (25%) while seventy five (75%) negative cases. The Population groups studied samples subject groups were distribution into (6) groups including (1 month, 1-15, 16-31 and 32-47 and 48-63 and 64-79 and 80-95) year, changed age too gender. Our study also showed that the fourth groups (48-63) years is the largest percentage (41.18) of coxsakievirus, adenovirus (43.75) and COVID-19 virus (44) in compare of aged groups then [1 month, 1-15(4.41%) coxsakievirus, (4.68%) Adenovirus, (0) COVID-19; 16-31 (7.35%) Coxsakievirus, (9.37%) Adenovirus, (12%) COVID-19 virus; 32-47 (22.05%) Coxsakievirus, (17.18%) Adenovirus, (20%) COVID-19 virus; 64-79 (25%) Coxsakievirus, (25%) Adenovirus, (20%) COVID-19 virus; 80-95 (0) for Coxsakievirus and Adenovirus, (4%) COVID-19 virus years. The samples were isolated from the hospitals including (Al-Sadr, AL Hakeem, AL Sajjad), the first study in Iraq to diagnose of human Coxsakievirus, Adenovirus, COVID-19 virus with myocarditis.