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Recherche sur le vieillissement en bonne santé
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Determination of the erythrocine dosage as a spastic rat in induction

Marina Indriasari

This study aims to make rats spastic by using Erythrocine (ErB) in the right dose. Five male rats (T) Sprague dawley types aged 10-12 weeks with a weight of 200-250 mg were injected with the ErB via lateral tail veins with a dose of T1 5 mg (20 mg/w), T2 20 mg (80 mg/w), T3 40 mg (160mg/ w), T4 90 (320mg/w) and T5 100 mg (400mg/w). ) In this study ErB dose was increased by using the formula 20 x 2n. The observation results for 4 weeks found that T1 had a rapid decrease in spasticity in 3 days by 25%. T2 on day 3 still experienced 100% muscle resistance with spasticity and within 14 days it decreased by 25% until within 28 days there was 50% muscle spasticity. T3 has 100% spasticity with muscle resistance until the 7th day. T4 dies on the 2nd day after induction and T5 dies shortly after induction. The conclusion that the dose of 80 mg/w shows a tendency to maintain the condition of spasticity for a long time and the dose of ErB administration as a preparation for rat induction try to get a longer spastic condition then a dose of 80 mg/w is used.