Journal d'hépatologie et des troubles gastro-intestinaux

Journal d'hépatologie et des troubles gastro-intestinaux
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Depression, COVID, and migrants 

Ryan Zia Arslaan

Mental pain is more dramatic and painful than physical pain, it is more common and hardest to bear as we know its easier to complain my leg is paining in spite of “my head feels like hammered or poked”


A study on migrant laborers working in Kazakhstan was conducted aiming to discover their suffering due to the COVID outbreak.


Indian migrant workers associated with our university were selected, questioned, and physically examined.


Almost 60% were depressed since they suffer hopelessness, loss of interest, sadness, lack of knowledge about the pandemic. 20% suffer excess sleepiness, and around 20% suffer fatigue, loss of appetite, all suffer weight gains, job insecurity. No one was observed as healthy as before due to depression


This study demonstrates that urgent need for health and mental health care for migrant laborers needs to be provided and knowledge related to pandemic shall also be provided by the personalized conference, especially for central Asian laborers.










16th World Nephrology Conference August 20-21, 2020 Webinar




Ryan Zia Arslaan is Associate professor at University in Karaganda, SA. Ryan Zia Arslaan has successfully published several papers related to the area of designing new nanomaterials for catalysis applications.