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Journal des essais cliniques
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Computational Systematics of Nutritional Support of Vaccination against Viral and Bacterial Pathogens as Prolegomena to Vaccinations against COVID-19

Ivan Y. Torshin*, Olga A. Gromova, Alexander G. Chuchalin

A total of 6,628 PUBMED-registered publications on the relationships between the effects of vaccination and the provision of micronutrients have been studied by methods of topological analysis of text data. In case of insufficient intake of certain micronutrients, the functioning of the acquired immunity is disrupted resulting in an imbalance of populations of T-cells CD4+/CD8+ and of B-lymphocytes. Nutritional supplements of folate, vitamins A, D and B12, which are recognized regulators of cell division, support a wide range of lymphocyte populations. Trace elements zinc, iron, selenium, manganese and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are also important for supporting the mechanisms of acquired immunity. The data presented show that a course intake of these micronutrients by patients planning vaccination can significantly improve its effectiveness. In particular, these micronutrients can increase the titers of antibodies to pathogens, and to reduce the percentage of patients who still contract infection after vaccination. Supplements of these micronutrients can also contribute to the safety of vaccination: to prevent malaise and, in the unfortunate case of contracting infection despite the vaccine, to reduce the severity of the course and the mortality from the corresponding infection.