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Rhumatologie : recherche actuelle
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Complications in Rheumatoid Arthritis due to Corona Virus

Anna Gabriele

Musculoskeletal symptoms can develop with coronavirus infection, and leads to other respiratory infections. In general, viral infections can cause arthritis, but the symptoms are broad, ranging from joint pain to pseudo- and chronic arthritis. While chronic arthritis is caused by hepatitis C and some endemic alpha viruses (such as Chikungunya, Ross River, Barmah Forest, Sindbis, O'nyongnyong, and Mayaro virus), self-limiting arthritis occurs with parvovirus B19, rubella or hepatitis B. In contrast, coronavirus usually does not cause clinical arthritis but joint and myalgia. Joint and muscle pain is quite rare (occurs in 1µg). Glucocorticoids do not appear to be beneficial in SARS, but they have the potential to relieve the musculoskeletal manifestations of COVID19.