Journal international d'exploration de données biomédicales

Journal international d'exploration de données biomédicales
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ISSN: 2090-4924


Comparison of Protein Sequence by use of Moment Vector under Binary Representation

Bikramjit Pal*

This paper is elaborating the sequences of whole genomes and proteins as real signals and deals with their spectrums in the frequency domain by applying discrete fourier transformation. Our main objective is to cluster the protein sequences by considering numerical type of representation for protein sequences, which is a binary one; the represented sequence is taken as a real signal; DFT is applied on each binary sequence of each nucleotide to get the corresponding spectrum. Then Power Spectrum (PS) methodology is applied and based on the ‘moment vectors’ distance matrix is obtained to draw the phylogenetic trees for comparison of the protein sequences. This phylogenetic tree is used to represent evolutionary relationship among organisms