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Clinical Practice Of Chemotherapy With Temozolomide In China

Cheng-cheng Guo, Qun-ying Yang, Ke Sai and Zhong-ping Chen

The treatment for malignant tumors in the central nervous system (CNS) mainly consists of surgical resectionfollowed by adjuvant radiation and chemotherapy. Temozolomde (TMZ), a second-generation of oral alkylatingagent, plays an increasingly important role in the treatment of malignant glioma in China. However, the history ofTMZ use in China, has not been well reviewed. In this study, an extensive literature search of Pubmed and majorChinese electronic databases was performed to identify clinical reports on TMZ use in mainland China. We foundthat TMZ is a standard addition to postoperative RT for glioblastoma, followed by 6 cycles of adjuvant treatments asChinese and NCCN guidelines recommended. But since TMZ is relatively expensive to most Chinese patients,especially in undeveloped areas, some other regimens are still commonly used. It is also indicated for relapsed orGrade III glioma, with some potential value in brain metastasis and primary central nerve lymphoma. Extended useor combination therapy including TMZ may benefit more for glioma patients. As the clinical trials have been paidmore attention in the recent years, effort and collaboration should be made to conduct well-designed multicenterrandomized clinical trials on TMZ, with the aim of improving the prognosis of patients with CNS tumor in mainlandChina.