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Atypical Kawasaki Disease in 2-Months Old Infant Presenting with Aseptic Meningitis

Khalil Mohamad Salameh, Mohamed Omer, Sara Hamad and Hebatalla Kamal

The diagnosis of incomplete or atypical Kawasaki disease (KD) is challenging. Children presenting with febrile illnesses may have few of the classical diagnostic criteria, yet develop clinical, laboratory and echocardiographic findings compatible with the condition. Early recognition and prompt treatment of KD is essential for better outcomes. This is particularly the case for infants who are at a greater risk of developing complications such as coronary artery aneurysms. This may be partly attributed to late diagnosis or initiation of therapy. This report discusses the case of a febrile infant with atypical Kawasaki disease presenting with aseptic meningitis and coronary artery aneurysm. The case highlights the importance of considering atypical Kawasaki disease in any infant with prolonged fever (more than seven days), following exclusion of infectious causes and in the absence of classical diagnostic criteria.