Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters
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Application of a PAR Model for Assessing Vulnerability to Drought Hazard in Kondoa District

Hamis SH

The Tanzania Disaster Management act of 2015 defines Vulnerability as the extent to which a community, structure, services, or geographical areas is prone to a particular hazard. The objective of this paper to document the extent of which Kondoa District is vulnerable to drought. The district is located along the border of two regions, namely Manyara and Arusha. The paper employed secondary data as main sources of data. These data were obtained from the district files, profile, documents report and research report written about the district. The study was based on the Pressure and Release Model (PAR) which developed by author Blaikie, et al. and modified by Wisner, et al. The finding reveals that the population is vulnerable to drought because of land degradation, low production, poor transportation and infrastructure, low price of commodities, poor market and a poor method of cultivation and a weather-related problem such as shortage of rainfall. No significant measures were taken by authorities to address the matter.