Anatomie et physiologie : recherches en cours

Anatomie et physiologie : recherches en cours
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Anthropometric Measurement of Weight for Assessment of Nutritional Status of Anganwadi Children in Urban Mangalore - A Cross Sectional Study

Srinivasa SB, Dnyaneshwar B and Ajay U

Background and objectives: Anthropometry is the part of anatomy used to do external measurement of human body to assess underlying disease, like assessing the nutritional status of a child.

Methods: The 254 Anganwadi children between age group 1 to 6 years of urban Mangalore during 2013 year, measurements are calculated using WHO growth standard in assessing weight.

Interpretation and conclusion: The underweight denotes in respect to age but doesn’t pin point whether acute or chronic, but the stunting is due to chronic malnutrition, the axial skeletal growth is stunted. Concludes that lower socioeconomic status and malnutrition are interrelated, which hampers the normal physical, intellectual, psychological development of children, there by affects the progress of the country.