Journal d'hématologie et des maladies thromboemboliques

Journal d'hématologie et des maladies thromboemboliques
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ISSN: 2329-8790


An Atypical Case of SARS-CoV 2-Induced Pancytopenia

Fahad AlKaabba, Holman Li, Nandan Patel, Farrah Ibrahim

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has grown to become a major global concern with unprecedented effort to understand the disease. Essentially, COVID-19 can affect many organs, with case reports showing various organ involvements. Thus, atypical presentations can be challenging to identify clinically and approach. We present an unusual presentation of COVID-19 infection. An 81 year-old male patient with COVID-19 presented with acute change in mental status. He was found to have worsening pancytopenia. The patient responded symptomatically to corticosteroids and supplemental oxygen. The worsening pancytopenia was attributed to COVID-19 infection. The exact mechanism behind this phenomenon is still unclear but might be similar to other viral infections causing pancytopenia. More studies and reports can help in identifying the mechanism and recommend proper therapeutic intervention.