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Journal international des progrès technologiques
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An Ant Based Framework for Preventing DDoS Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

Dimple Juneja,Neha Arora

Security and Privacy are two important parameters that need to be considered when dealing with Wireless Sensor Networks as WSN operate in an unattended environment and carry sensitive information critical to the application. However, applying security techniques that consume minimum resources is still a challenge and this paper makes an attempt to address the same. One of the major attacks in sensor network is Denial of Service(DoS) attack that not only diminishes the network capacity but also affects the reliability of information being transmitted. This work is an extension of our previous work which could successfully detect DDoS using ants. However, no emphasis was made towards the prevention mechanism. In this paper an ant-based framework that exploits the significance of stateless and stateful signatures and hence preserving the legitimate packets only, thereby discarding the contaminated packets has been proposed.