Techniques avancées en biologie et médecine

Techniques avancées en biologie et médecine
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Adult with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Specialized Treatment

Fabienne Giuliani and Pierre El Korh

Little is known in Switzerland regarding the profile of the adult population living with Asperger's Syndrome. This is why we conducted a descriptive study on a population in French-speaking Switzerland (n=91) having received an Asperger's diagnosis as an adult and who were treated in a department of Psychiatry of Mental Development. The results of this study show that 68.5% of the men and 70.2% of the women are single. There were more married men (22.2%) than women (8.1%), however there were more divorced women (21.6%) than men (9.2%). We report that more men (37%) than women (18.9%) completed their mandatory schooling and more women (62.2%) than men (44.4%) completed post-mandatory schooling (apprenticeship or cantonal aptitude degree). In terms of those with a university degree, there was a parity between men and women (18%). Half of our study sample was employed; the other half received a disability income. The Global Assessment of Functioning scale is estimated to be on average 68.9 (±12.87). This scale was correlated with civil status, level of education completed as well as professional situation.