Journal de biochimie et de physiologie végétales

Journal de biochimie et de physiologie végétales
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ISSN: 2329-9029


Abiotic Stress Proteomics in Plants: the Notable Parameters Influencing Physiological Gene-expression Modifications

Bangaru Naidu Thaddi, Aruna Lakshmi Komarraju

In the current global climate change situation, sustained agricultural production is a big concern. Understanding salt and drought stress responses has necessitated the development of molecular regulatory understanding in recent years. Transcriptomic research, for example, has improved our understanding and aided the discovery of potential genes that might be used in plant breeding. On the other hand, it is becoming abundantly evident that the gene regulation and post-translational machinery is important in stress adaptation, particularly for immediate molecular activities. To learn more about stress-inducible signal reception and transduction, translational activity, and induced protein and their proteomics levels, it's crucial to assess expression level and post-translational protein changes.