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Abbreviations in Medical Manuscripts

Liaqat Ali Khan

One will barely find a published scientific paper specifically: medical, where abbreviation; has not been used. An abbreviation is the shortened form of a word or phrase, mostly Latin in origin, where its proper and correct use in a medical manuscript is critical not only to the scientific community and literature but for a reader too. A medical paper goes through a rigorous process of scrutiny to make the published version error-free. This process starts from the author: passes through the editorial checks and peer-review, and the process repeated till a quality work is published. Despite: such an in-depth evaluation of the manuscript, in the pre-publication phase, if one encounters an incorrectly written abbreviation in the published paper, which will not only mislead the readers but makes the peer-review process controversial. All in line with the evaluation process, starting from the author, editorial team, especially clinical editor and reviewers, carry equal responsibility. This report highlights the notion that all in line of the publication process share the same responsibility: for incorrectly written abbreviations; and stresses the need for rigorous review that the published manuscript is error-free specifically, with respect to abbreviations.