Journal international des progrès technologiques

Journal international des progrès technologiques
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A Survey of Quality Assurance Frameworks for Service Oriented Systems

Maria Allauddin, Farooque Azam , Mehmooda Jabeen Zia

Quality assurance has vital role in building a software system because it provides confidence and lowers the risks associated. Assurance in service-oriented systems is a challenging problem, which requires a flexible and dynamic solution. When we talk about quality of a service oriented system we have to consider all the included services that are interdependent to provide that service, including all the limitations of resources and runtime situation. In order to state different quality expectations in terms of specification and advertisement significant quality networks are still required. In the frameworks there is also a need to compare and select between alternative services. In this paper we will survey different quality assurance frameworks used in service oriented systems, to determine that which framework is the most efficient and reliable to face the challenges and implications of the characteristics of these systems.