Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution

Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution
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A New Approach for Analysis of Adsorption from Liquid Phase: A Critical Review

Samiey B and Abdollahi Jonaghani S

In different concentration ranges of adsorbed species, various interactions occur between them and surface adsorption sites and there are different regions in an adsorption isotherm. In the common method for study of adsorption process, all of the regions are considered as one region and thus there are concerns regarding using adsorption equations. In this work, based on the KASRA and ARIAN regional models, a new method is presented for analysis of adsorption kinetic and thermodynamic data, respectively. The KASRA and ARIAN models are three- and four-region models, respectively and adsorption equations are used on the basis assumptions used in these models. According to the ARIAN model, adsorption binding constant of each region of an adsorption isotherm is different from the other regions. On the other hand, based on the kinetic KASRA model and ideal-second-order (ISO) equation, during the adsorption in each initial adsorbate concentration, different interactions occur between adsorbate species and adsorbent surface sites and thus the observed adsorption binding constant is an average value of these binding constants.