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A Brief Overview on Recent Advances in the Development of Anti-Tubercular Compounds Containing Different Heterocyclic Ring Systems

Mohammad Asif

Tuberculosis (TB), a leading cause of mortality and morbidity with more than one-third of the world population infected with latent TB and the worldwide dissemination of multidrug (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis poses a serious threat to human health. Hence, new drugs are urgently needed to shorten and improve the treatment course in drug resistant TB, and to minimize the occurrence of new infections and death to zero level. Various new drugs progress to be developed for the treatment of MDR-TB. Several new molecules in clinical development encourage the scientific community to find new drug targets and new drug leads. In this perspective we present herein an overview of the new anti-TB agents with different molecular structures. Here we have tried to provide some efforts that are being made in the development of new drug molecules as lead anti- TB agents.